The Draft guidance and criteria for REF 2021 have been published for consultation

The draft guidance and criteria on making submissions to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 have been published by the UK’s four higher education funding bodies. The consultation on the guidance and criteria is now open and all responses must be submitted online at by 12 noon on 15 October 2018.


Draft Panel Criteria REF2021,2021/downloads/Consultation%20on%20the%20draft%20panel%20criteria%20and%20working%20methods%20REF%202018_02.pdf


Guidance on submissions,2021/downloads/Draft%20Guidance%20on%20submissions%20REF%202018_1.pdf


Consultation Questions (for reference only, all submissions must be made online),2021/downloads/Summary%20of%20consultation%20questions%20MS%20Word%20version%20for%20reference%20only.docx


Draft guidance on codes of practice,2021/downloads/Draft%20Guidance%20on%20codes%20of%20practice%20REF%202018_03.pdf