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ROUNDTABLE EVENT: Civic Universities, KEF Update, REF2021 impact case studies

10:15 AM – 3:30 pm Wednesday  23RD SEPTEMBER 2020,

University of Hertfordshire


  Richard Brabner, Director UPP Foundation

Richard Brabner is the director for the UPP Foundation, which recently founded the Civic University Commission [CUC]. Previously, he joined the University of Hertfordshire in 2009, where he was the university’s senior policy adviser, a job which combined policy and public affairs support to the university’s senior management team. Prior to this, he was a researcher in Parliament for two years after graduating from the University of Essex with a bachelor’s degree in modern history and politics in 2007.

   Alistair Jarvis, Chief Executive Universities UK

Before taking up his current role, Alistair was Deputy Chief Executive, and prior to that Director of External Relations at Universities UK. Before joining UUK in 2013 he was a Director at the University of Birmingham and has previously held communications, campaigning and political relations roles for national organisations in both the public and private sectors. Alistair is currently a member of the Government’s high-level stakeholder working group on EU Exit, Universities and Research; a member of the Financial Services Skills Taskforce and sits on the steering group of the Industrial Strategy Council prosperity mapping project. He has previously held voluntary roles as Deputy Chair of the board of Wonkhe, a higher education policy media company; as a Commissioner of the UPP Civic Universities Commission; and as a member of the judging panel for both the Times Higher and Guardian University Awards. He was educated at the Universities of Kent, Leicester and the Institute of Education, University of London. Alistair is a fellow of the RSA.

 Alice Frost, Director Knowledge Exchange UKRI, Research England

Alice Frost is responsible for knowledge exchange policy and funding at Research England, having previously had this responsibility at the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). At HEFCE, Alice had a wide-ranging set of policy roles, heading, at different times, policy, funding and quality assessment for research, learning and teaching and knowledge exchange. On secondment from HEFCE, she experienced research strategy in a university and led a local/regional university collaboration. Over many years, Alice has advised countries across Europe and Asia on following the UK model of a third stream of funding for knowledge exchange. Recently, she has specialized in commercialization policy.

Andy Hepburn, Head of REF Data Verification and Information Management, Research England

Andy leads the development of detailed audit and data verification procedures, managing information management policies and processes and leading other key submission processes for the Research Excellence Framework (REF). He is also responsible for implementing the procedures to verify data and other information contained in REF submissions.

·               Dr Dana Vilistere, Research Impact Officer Oxford Brookes University

Terry Warren, Independent Impact Review Panel Member at University of Glasgow

Terry Warren was a member of the Business and Management Studies sub-panel 2014 as an impact assessor. He worked for BAE Systems for 16 years, his last role with them being an adviser on business change.


Event overview

Morning session: Civic Universities and update on the Knowledge Exchange Framework

This session aims to inform and provide a wide scope for in depth discussion on the concept of civic universities as well as providing an update on the Knowledge Exchange Framework.

The session will start with a presentation by Richard Brabner, Director of the UPP Foundation. The UPP Foundation is a registered charity that offers grants to universities, charities and other higher education bodies and recently founded the Civic University Commission [CUC]. In the final report of the CUC, it stated ‘Civic Universities should enshrine their analysis and strategy in a Civic University Agreement [CUA] that is co-created and signed by other key civic partners. This could include several universities or educational institutions coming together in a single agreement.’ CUAs will be one of the aspects covered during the roundtable discussion as will the impact from civic university knowledge exchange in relation to the KEF.

Alice Frost, Director Knowledge Exchange UKRI, Research England, will then give an overview of the development of the knowledge exchange framework

After the presentations there will be a roundtable discussion, held under the Chatham House Rule, whereby ‘information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified.’ The maximum number of delegates at the event will be 35 thus allowing everyone to have sufficient time to discuss all issues.

There will be a panel who will participate in the roundtable discussion, which includes Alistair Jarvis, Chief Executive of Universities UK, Alice Frost, and Richard Brabner.

Afternoon session:  Impact Case Studies, REF 2021

This session will cover the development and use of impact case studies during REF2014 and applying the lessons learnt to REF2021.

The session will be chaired by RENU Executive committee member, Professor Glen McHale who is Pro Vice-Chancellor (REF) at Northumbria University. The first speaker will be Andy Hepburn, Head of REF Data Verification and Information Management at Research England. Andy will give a brief introduction to impact case studies for REF2021. Following his presentation will be Dr Dana Vilistere, Research Impact Officer at Oxford Brookes University, who will give a university perspective on impact case studies.

There will then be a roundtable discussion on impact case studies. We have invited speakers with panel experience from REF2014 to discuss their own experiences of impact case studies, their reach and significance. Confirmed speakers on impact case studies are:

Terry Warren, Independent Impact Review Committee member at the University of Glasgow, who was a member of the Business and Management Studies sub-panel 2014 as an impact assessor. He worked for BAE Systems for 16 years, his last role with them being an adviser on business change.

Each speaker will speak for 10 minutes about their own experience of being a panel member in REF2014 and then all delegates will be able to question the speakers and discuss how lessons can be learnt from impact case studies used in REF2014 and applied to REF2021. As per the morning session, all discussion will be held under the Chatham House Rule.


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